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U plate fraud insider revealed 4 GB actual capacity of 256 MB
 Now in the market fake products all over the place, especially IT products, please consumer friends note, buy when U dish to alert, don't fall for IT. In the U dish in use process, have you met file can not open, important material loss? If have, don't again and again antivirus, and once again format, you U disk may be a suspected "shrink dish"!
Important documents incredibly inexplicably damage
A consumer some time ago in local electronics market bought a 4 G JinShiDu U disk. Because to heavy computer, he will daughter of photos of the full moon, video all kao into U disk, when opened them again the time, they found that U disk files from the damaged, can not be opened. The photos, video lost daughter, make the consumer the heartache.
He find friends to help detection, found that so-called 4 G U disk, the actual capacity only 256 M.
Have the experience of consumers actually very much. That why mark 4 G, but after using hundreds of megabytes problems? Why do U dish will "shrink"?
Originally, this will "shrink" the U plate is actually a small capacity of tampering with a U dish. After U dish of tampering with not only consumers identify not, even the computer also is not recognized.
Will enlarge the capacity of the tamper with U dish, the operation is very simple, need to use U disk volume production tools (a can U dish for main control chip modified lower the software), operation simple steps can be realized.
In a 256 M U disk, for example, the operator can be modified to capacity, 256 G is not in words. And in fact, on the market at present in the sale formal U plate, the maximum capacity is only for 64 G.
Introduce according to the personage inside course, U disk storage capacity is by its flash memory chip capacity of the decision, once the physical structure design, not through any soft modified way change the capacity, so "shrink dish" is simply for consumers suddenly, with 512 M U plate sell 512 G price, this one of the windfall is self-evident.
Shrink dish into files a black hole
But for users, shrink dish most harm perhaps is not in use 256 G of money to buy 256 M plates, but that you don't know you to buy 256 M U disk, copy in more than the actual capacity of the file, and eventually can not open, cause file is missing.
Experts said, when the file more than the actual space big shrink set hours, look be like can copy success, actually copied to shrink the tray is the shortcut to the file format is writing, when the user to open a file, you'll find that can't be used normally. So, shrink plate as a document "black hole", is causing U disk file lost the culprit.
Every 12 U plate will have a shrink plate
According to statistics, every 12 in the computer running on U disk, as a possible cause at any time documents and data lost shrink the disk or strain plate.
Shrink plate usually by scattered, informal channels for distribution, including electronic stores, lay in the shop, etc.
In pricing, in "amazing capacity" under, in order to further to lure consumers purchase, "shrink dish" general will give the same capacity than U dish much lower prices. In a so-called 256 G "shrink dish" for example, its price only 180 yuan, but the actual capacity may only dozens of M, the corresponding cost only 10 yuan, this means that its profit as high as nearly 20 times.
How to prevent and identify expansion dish
So how to prevent shrinkage dish? Generally, U plate actual capacity and labeling capacity is not completely
consistent, but when U plate of the actual capacity is less than or equal to 90% of the nominal, can be identified for the quality problems expansion of the dish. He suggested that, don't buy significantly below the market price U disk, and choose reliable, reputable businesses and normal channel purchase. In addition, the initiative know something about shrink dish knowledge, training awareness, after the kaifeng can purchase, storage and open a size more than U plate mark capacity half of the large files or directly using professional testing U dish small tools for capacity test appraisal. If product buy to shrink dish, should immediately turn a file and material, and the merchants with to return as soon as possible to communicate or claim for compensation.
In order to avoid the consumers the masses not cheated, so to share it out, hope of the useful

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