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Why do U dish can replace cd-rom? U plate system master decryption
 Once, with a cd-rom, is how plaisant!!!!! A cd-rom, can listen to music, DVDS, into the rich and colorful multimedia world! Have to drive, can easily backup computer material. Don't have to take a pile of floppy disks worry!
However, the development of the Internet, let we no longer need to drive to listen to music, watch DVD! The development of mobile hard, let we no longer need to drive backup computer material! Moment, cd-rom already such as dot-gone!
Along with the approaching of rough 3 G wave, the domestic emerge of the booming of the new wave of science and technology. Notebook big go frivolous convenient design line. Carry on the Internet, we can continuously stirs up the desire to buy! In order to realize the laptop's light, thin, was first cut, unexpectedly is cd-rom!
But, say goodbye to the cd-rom can also is not easy: not to drive, we cannot install the system! In the virus raging today, maybe one day, the virus will invade our computer, unless reshipment, or is there no way!
Difficult way, to install the system, we must keep the cd-rom? A external drives needs 300 yuan, a Internet this need to be 2000 yuan, obviously, this is not high ratio of performance plan!! We need more effective technology!
We can be in the computer hard drive obligate division, the storage system installation disk. By the way, also may provide the backup system restore tool! This is a good method, the brand computer manufacturers almost all do! But, if the virus destroys the hard disk guide area, we found no reserve division! This is a very practical problem!
Isn't there a better way? This can have! In the search for a detailed investigation, finally found "a franchise"! Even without cd-rom, don't understand the computer can also be easily solved system fault, the name is a well-known-U plate system master (uta inside).
U plate system master is specific to the Internet without cd-rom this is not able to use discs system installation, backup, restore design and development of a problem such as a portable intelligent U plate tools, by the Beijing Internet time information technology Co., LTD. Based on intelligent U disk technology research and development, U plate system master not only can rise to brand computer division of the same reserve role, and because the system and procedures in curing U dish, without any of the destruction of possibilities! Have U plate system of the masters, while we can completely farewell cd-rom!
In order to test U plate system master how many skills, we made a special experiments: will U plate system insert USB interface master computer, can be directly starts computer, in computer hard disk paralyzed cases, and this is a very useful! Then, the user can U plate system to master hard drive partition format, if you want to redistribute hard drive, just can use this function easily enough.
Ready to work, we to install system, U plate system master provide direct installation, backup reduction two install mode. The user can select installed directly Windows XP/Vista operating system (U plate system master itself is not provide the operating system, require users or distributor of the original import operating system)! Can also from former backup system restore, this is a kind of fast installation method! U plate system master provide incremental backup, this to make full use of U disk space is very useful, we found that U plate system master backup of speed, estimates that the manufacturer to U plate optimized.
Finish installing system, still need to install the driver and application software! Otherwise the computer is just a mere skeleton. U plate system master provides virtual drives function, can be directly loading CD mirror, and drive up very conveniently CD management. In addition, U plate system installed in the master treasure dian function also is going to, it provides common installed libraries, the user can choose at will, later need not fearful to online DOWN software, also need not worry about from malicious website to download software will influence by virus, the user of the software in use safety all help! So, we can do not need to drive, to complete the installation of the system directly!!!!
During the test, we found that U plate system master simple operation, easy to get. Even if the computer can easily use rookie! And this is "close to people". Jiangshan generation have CaiRen out, a new generation for old people! Unexpectedly, U plate system master can kill cd-rom! Throughout history hardware development, we can see: cd-rom just as did once flourishing floppy disk, withdraw from computer accessories market is the trend of The Times, U plate system master just killed the camels last straw just!
To complete the mission is to drive, we still have to cheer for it! In the future the sing market U plate system master kind of digital rookie, we'll have to wait and see!

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